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The original guide was a guest post by Kathleen Parker from Red Tape Translation. If you’re a student, a scientist, a language course student, an au-pair or a Working Holiday Visa applicant, you’ll be seen on either the second or the third floor. I noticed TODAY that this is the last day my residency permit is valid. I don’t know your wife’s nationality. From 7th September onwards Berlin Immigration Office will re-open for regular customer appointments. But your post suggests that its almost impossible to get the Blue Card application approved without an appointment. Please advice me on this. Monday. We have an appointment but not until late June. UPDATE July 15, ... "Es lohnt sich einen Termin vorher online zu "buchen"." MissPla. You will get a ticket with a number on it. 12681 BERLIN. Thanks in advance. Please understand that, in order to protect against infection, we can’t serve you if you do not wear a mouth-nose covering or are displaying symptoms of infection. I had a look last night at 10pm, and there were appointments next week. Sind genug Kapazitäten zur Abwicklung aller Besucher vorhanden? November 5, 2015 at 5:04 pm Hi there, I’m really hoping that you can help me. – there is no available appointment for blue card service till starting date Terms and Conditions • Fax: +4930902694099 Kontakt: Telefon: 030/90269-0 Postadresse: Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten Ausländerbehörde Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24 13353 Berlin Änderung vorschlagen Zusammenfassung der Ergebnisse. So I think that means I need to show up in person for a same-day appointment. I have a blue card from Berlin and now I have a job offer in Aachen with starting date on mid of September. I went to Friedrich-Krause Ufer in March for a same day appointment for my non-EU spouse to join me, and the current situation is you turn up at a tent at 01:30am to queue for one of about 65 tickets handed out at 04:00am for later the same day. Keep the calendar page open, and refresh it every 5-10 minutes. Worth a shot, I guess! My wife has come on a Dependent visa for 3 months valid till Feb 15, 2019. I didn’t think of taking my plane ticket, and we may use a power of attorney if necessary. Once you have it, Haus B, E1 on the 3rd floor. We’ve tried emailing them and have gotten now response. He received permanent residency at the outset because he is a qualified professional. Some non-EU spouses of EU citizens are now waiting 8-9 months to be seen! I work on this website full time. The Friedrich-Krause-Ufer office handles these types of residence permits: Book your Ausländerbehörde appointment here. 5 Anfrage … You might also find they don’t load appointments for the new year towards the end of a year. Hi Dennis, sorry I wasn’t able to respond before your appointment came around. What are the next steps?, I’d just take the next available appointment online, even if it’s 6-8 months away. Does my husband have to attend the appointment with me? I have one question. If some documents are missing, you can often come back on the same day. Just keep reloading the website until a free appointment comes up. So I would like to share with everyone some tips to save time in the future! Of course, I’ll need all my documents in order. For weeks we have tried to make an appointment at different times of day, from different devices, even different browser software. Ilona. A step by step guide on getting the German Work Visa. Thank you for the informative article. Thursdays are the days when public offices across the country have late opening hours. I will go there already, what can I do, no easy way and no relax in Germany … I should collect again all documents, prove of income, employer certificate(not older than 14 days) … and so on …. If you are applying for a study preparation permit, a student visa (permit), a German uni graduate job seeking permit, a language learning permit, a blue card, a visiting academic permit, an au pair permit or a Working Holiday Visa or you’re a family member of someone who is, go to Keplerstraße in Charlottenburg. Lucky her. Hi Kathleen, Could be worth starting a new session every now and again. No, you have to go to the Ausländerbehörde for that. Do you know which centre/office a non-EU spouse of an EU citizen (not German) should visit? It was completely rewritten in 2020, again with Kathleen's help. labo ausländerbehörde berlin • labo ausländerbehörde berlin photos • labo ausländerbehörde berlin location • labo ausländerbehörde berlin address • labo ausländerbehörde berlin • auslanderbehorde berlin • ausländebehörde berlin • ausländerbehörde berlin • ausländerbehörde berlin labo berlin • labo ausländerbehörde berlin • labo - ausländerbehörde berlin A complete list of English-speaking Steuerberater to help you file your taxes in Berlin. applying for a Blue Card without an appointment is almost impossible, but you can get advice on the process while you’re there. Thanks in advance, There are two Ausländerbehörde locations. In some circumstances, you can get it transferred over at ANY Bürgeramt in Berlin, have a look here. For reasons of protection against infection our primary focus remains on service by appointment. in Charlottenburg or Friedrich-Krause-Ufer in Wedding, depending on whether you’re eligible for a blue card with your new job or just an employment permit. I am totally confused and stuck regarding changing the employer title: Followers 1. This office is sorted out into nationalities and service types. 3 years ago. Bei akuten Beschwerden oder als Notfall können Sie selbstverständlich auch ohne Termin in unsere Praxis kommen. Make sure you are in the correct one. Just went there to find out more about requirements for a blue card application. If you’re having trouble booking an appointment online, take a deep breath. labo ausländerbehörde berlín • labo ausländerbehörde berlín photos • labo ausländerbehörde berlín location • labo ausländerbehörde berlín address • labo ausländerbehörde berlín • auslanderbehorde berlín • ausländebehörde berlín • ausländerbehörde berlín • ausländerbehörde berlin labo berlín • When your number is called, you must go to the office number shown on the television. I imagine the question they’d ask would be: are you a buyer working in engineering or are you an engineer? The problem is they gave my sister a Schengen visa dated September 3rd – September 30th. Thanks for answering both my comments so quickly! Any suggestions? Hi, Karte von der Ausländerbehörde in Solingen. r/berlin: The subreddit for everything relating to Berlin, capital city of Germany. If you wait too long, you will need to enter all your information again. Kathleen. Walk-ins at Keplerstraße can be risky – e.g. I am an Indonesian and I will be visiting Germany next year with Schengen type C visa. They will call your number again in 20-40 minutes. Hi Mary, I don’t know of any requirement to prove you have no recorded offenses and wonder if perhaps the department that makes the decision would have access to that information. Some Ausländerbehörde employees speak English, but many don't. Good luck – and before the starting date, I need the work permit for the new company Filed Under: Dealing with Problems, Immigration and Visas, Life in Germany, Moving to Berlin Tagged With: appointment booking berlin, auslanderbehorde berlin. AKTUELL !!!!! See 1 photo from 6 visitors to Ausländerbehörde Potsdam. Data Protection Policy, You’re in the right building in front of the right room, If you are applying for a study preparation permit, a student visa (permit), a German uni graduate job seeking permit, a language learning permit, a blue card, a visiting academic permit, an au pair permit or a Working Holiday Visa or you’re a family member of someone who is, go to, If you’re a freelancer, an employee or a job seeker with a foreign academic qualification, go to, Permits for family reunification when the sponsoring family member is an EU citizen: Haus A, E5 on the 3rd floor, American and Canadian freelancers, qualified job seekers, employees: Haus C, E2 on the 2nd floor. Do you think I have any chance of getting myself seen for the Blue card thingy ? I can book an appointment and get the blue card, but till then my wife’s visa will expire. Dear Kathleen If you can manage to get this permit change done before she leaves the company by walking in to the Ausländerbehörde even without an appointment, this would be hugely helpful for your ability to sleep at night. The process and the requirements for obtaining a German freelance visa or a German artist visa. But you can also keep reloading the website to try and get an earlier appointment, ie. Reload the website as often as you can. Abhishek says. Dear Christine, sorry I can’t be more helpful in this case – you’ll have to talk to your embassy to get particulars as they’re the ones who handle your application and send it on. My husband and I are both residents of the U.S. who have lived together in Berlin for 7 years. This takes around 5 minutes. Technically I should be applying for a Blue card + residence permit for me and my wife. I have a question regarding permanent residency; Do I need a contract for a minimum of year to apply for permanet residence permit? Fehler melden. Your donations help me keep it useful, neutral and free. It explains who needs a work visa, who is eligible for it, and what the requirements are. You will get an email or a letter that tells you to go to the Ausländerbehörde again. Kathleen. Thank you! However, I don’t know for sure – you would have to contact an immigration lawyer to find out more about that. I have already 8 months till end of my contract! Hi! I can’t really get to the part of portal where I can take appointments (please mention that). But I have to renew my residency permit from time to time. Hi Kathleen, I’m so grateful to have found this article. The definitive guide to settling in Berlin, Germany. If you want a concrete answer on that, based on your wife’s nationality, I’d ask a lawyer. I have a permanent residence permit but need to be transferred to my new passport number. Above all, though, getting acquainted with its tightly-closed-up windows, flashing neon boards and slightly-off key announcement bells is inevitable. Appointments or an application do not extend the legal stay with a Schengen visa.” I assume that implicitly states that it *is* possible, however it does not explicitly list which nationals are eligible. Among other special nicknames, it has been described as “the most miserable place in Berlin”, “the place of shattered dreams” and “inefficient government bureaucracy at its finest”. You don't need to look more than 3 months in the future. It’s not quite as unbelievable in the winter months. Hi Marina, sounds like the right website to me. What did you do after? to join my new employer I need to get their name on my visa and I went to this office: Fasanenstrasse 85 10623 Berlin, this is where I got my permit earlier, quite weirdly they refused to update my new Employer name on the visa despite I provided all the required docs. Wir bitten um Entschuldigung. What do you think my chances of getting my blue card renewed via a walk in? The company won’t wait till there. Glossary • Ausländerbehörde Berlin-Charlottenburg (Keplerstraße) Things are a bit more chaotic here, and there is almost no signage. There is a consultancy service, and there are mixed reviews on its friendliness factor. How to get an Ausländerbehörde appointment, Book your Ausländerbehörde appointment here, Keplerstraße office address and opening hours, Friedrich-Krause-Ufer office address and opening hours, Problems and Challenges with Ausländerbehorde, Job seeker visa (for graduates of a German university), Reunion visa for the family of EU citizens. I was a blue card owner for 33 months and recently i got settlement permit(niederlassungerlaubnis) I promised you an article for people without appointments. Thanks for the article! i have a contract and everything with the same company the first issue was tied to. Bests. I am from India and I have a blue card and my spouse has her own residence-work permit which includes a clause that she can only work in that particular company(as mentioned in Residence Permit) for the entire duration of her residence permit. Are oyu sure you wouldn’t rather just reload the website? Hi Kathleen, I really appreciate your article. Today I went to the Ausländerbehörde in Berlin to extend my work and realized a few things are not intuitive regarding how to find the right place to get a ticket for your specific application without an appointment. I am eligible to now apply for the EU blue card in shortage occupation category?? This is not a bug. So you mentioned that I might be able to do this at the Bürgeramt? Do you or any of your contacts happen to know the current waiting times to get a number for a walk-in appointment at Keplerstraße? Here’s how to save time, avoid stress and leave with a shiny new visa or permit. Thanks a lot, First thank you for the usufull article! She doesn’t have an entry stamp in her passport as we arrived from Spain, and the same Directive prohibits stamping a residence card holder’s passport. I hope you will see the magic blue box soon! Since December 16, it is NOT possible to queue outside and get an appointment1, 2. Posted by. Tel: 0212/290-2289 Fax: 0212/290-2288 E-Mail: Hi Vivek – did you get your original visa through a relocation company or did your employer’s HR department take care of it for you? If you need someone to go with you, we recommend Red Tape Translation and c/o Germany. Thursdays are miserable, particularly bang on 10am. Thanks! There isn't always enough appointments for everyone. Even if you come here without an appointment, you can generally assume you’ll at least be seen same-day if you get there, say, 2 hours before the doors open. Hi! Due to technical problems the online appointment service of the Berlin Foreigners Registration Office is … If you have any idea, I would appreciate your advice! I would want to hire your services guys but I don’t know even if I have the chance of having an appointment. Here is a question: why don’t they fix the website? Führungszeunis Berlin Online anfordern, ohne Wartezeit - mit unserer Anleitung ; Riesige Auswahl an Produkte finden Sie in unserer Auswahl beim Product Shopper. Government. Also, has anyone done this before? Hi Oly… nope, not Keplerstr. At 5AM, there are hundreds of people in the line. If you must go to the Bürgeramt, you need an appointment.Sometimes, there are no appointments available. Please my i have go to the keplerstrasse office directly without appointment to transfer my bluecard to my new passport ? How can i extend my visa? Hello Kathleen, I would really appreciate if you may have some advice for me. Let me know if you get a response to your email! Termin online vereinbaren Aktuelles. Ist eine Barrierefreie Abwicklung möglich? Most of our clients who have tried to walk in to Keplerstr. But I don’t actually think you’ll have to worry about it at all if your blue card is not tied to your current employer. The official website providing information on Blue Card and its requirements used to have a column stating that its possible to lineup for the token but the column is not there anymore. Is this correct? Some people said that they were waiting at a wrong location, so they missed their chance. And I really admire your patience to reply to each query. Is there any rush? I would like to get a residence permit but I found no appointments online. That address is for the Business Immigration Service – probably a perk made available for you by your previous employer. Hello, i enjoyed your article. I am a Canadian national married to an EU citizen. KFZ-Zulassungsstelle . If you are registered in Saarbrücken, visit the Saarbrücken office. Does that mean they won’t even see me ? They will put a sticker in your passport. Walk-ins for blue cards in Berlin are tricky. Is 4am about the time I need to get in line? Or just keep reloading online to see if you can get an earlier appointment. CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: There are more people waiting in line than before. You seem to have all the right information. I would ask the student services center at your university if they can give you another sort of temporary document for this type of permit, e.g. Most importantly, how long have you been in Germany and under which type/s of permits? Diese Fragen beziehen sich auf Ausländerbehörde in der Keplerstraße 2, 10589 Berlin. I use them to improve the website. I have a blue card and a European (non German) wife. We just moved here from Spain, and she does have a valid Spanish residence card, so I hope that would get her back into Germany if she travels (Article 5.2 of Directive 2004/38/EC: “For the purposes of this Directive, possession of the valid residence card referred to in Article 10 shall exempt such family members from the visa requirement.”). The team or worker assigned to your case will depend on your surname and permit type. So my question is, am I eligible to get a temporary permit under the case of university graduate seeking employment? While I’m there, is it possible to apply for Residence Permit for the Purpose of Freelance in nearby Ausländerbehörde? Can she stay in Germany until then? LOL. de – and there ‘Online appointment agreement of the Berlin Foreigners Registration Office’? I have been trying to speed up the process to get my paperwork and residence permit done before my permit expires but it doesn’t seem like it. Good luck! without an appointment to get a blue card recently have been turned away. You can opt out of all tracking, or read the privacy policy. This happens often. Fehler melden. Do you have any experiences about going without an appointment to the Ausländerbehörde at the Landratsamt Munich (I live in Landkreis München area). Press J to jump to the feed. If you need to apply for a residence permit or renew a German visa, you must go to the Ausländerbehörde. This is how you look for English language jobs and get hired in Berlin, If you are applying for an apartment in Berlin, you will almost always be asked to include a Schufa in your application. Does an Appointment at the Ausländerbehörde Extend My Schengen Visa? There are two ways to go to the Ausländerbehörde in Berlin: With an appointment Get an appointment online, then go to your appointment. Cheers! This Facebook group tells you when you should get in line to get an appointment. This list also includes Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Polish-speaking tax consultants. Anfrage erfolgreich Diese Anfrage war erfolgreich. Cheers, Kathleen. Is my spouse within her rights to stay in Germany for now as she has an appointment booked even if it is not until June? Australian and New Zealand freelancers, qualified job seekers, employees: this has recently changed and it might be necessary to visit the white tent to get your waiting number. B. in Garbsen): Ausländerbehörde der Region Hannover, Team Zuwanderung, Maschstraße 17, 30169 Hannover, ohne Termin zu diesen Öffnungszeite Grundsätzlich ist für einen Besuch bei der Ausländerbehörde ein vorher vereinbarter Termin erforderlich. There are some circumstances where you don’t have to, e.g. She’s fine until the appointment if you booked the appointment before her Schengen time ran out in the first place, but she won’t be able to travel outside of Germany until June. I know. Telefon:030/54863048 oder 49. I have made an appointment online with the Ausländerbehörde Berlin; the earliest one was October 11. It's often impossible to get an appointment in time. Jetzt Inspektion vereinbaren. If you need to pay something, you will get a plastic card. My sister and I plan to travel to Europe starting next week. She is traveling from Nepal. If you’re moving to Germany (specifically Berlin) for work or study, and you’re planning to get a visa while you’re in Berlin, you’ll need to go to the Foreigners Office (Ausländerbehörde) to get your visa. This means the office opens at 10am. What would I do without it?! She has residence permit till 2020 but she has to leave this company in the end of July. Aktuelles NEUE ADRESSE. How can I handle this situation and what are your hints? You will see a calendar with the available dates. I read on their official website that for transfers, generally one must make an appointment. So embrace it and do it right. If you don’t have an appointment, go to the Ausländerbehörde before it opens, get in line, and wait until the doors open. In Berlin at the moment it’s a bit of a nightmare. Should I try to go to the Bürgeramt? A Bangladeshi comments that Germany provides freelance visa only for some specific countries people. Unfortunately Thursday is our only chance. Einlagerungspreise nur 35€ pro Saison pro Satz zzgl Radwechsel. Grundsätzlich können Sie fast jede Dienstleistung auch ohne Termin bekommen. Eine Beauftragung von Dritten mit der Terminbuchung ist weder notwendig noch sinnvoll. Your number will be called a first time. So I may be at risk of losing this opportunity and having to leave the country. Your email address will not be published. You will still have a month to respond or appeal. Bitte versuchen Sie es zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt wieder. Thank you for the informative article. That will probably depend on what’s written on your contract. © 2020 All About Berlin • Reply. An Introduction to the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK). Very helpful article! Thank you, The Ausländerbehörde in Berlin is a special place. Please leave a comment to let other people know how it went. You must bring that card to a payment machine in the same building. Terms of Service My blue card is without a tie to my previous company. Required fields are marked *. User account menu. While you wait in line, you will receive a token. Do you have a link to the referenced article? If you’re a freelancer, an employee or a job seeker with a foreign academic qualification, go to Friedrich-Krause-Ufer in Wedding. Naturally. No magic blue box for me yet. Kate Bush says it best. For anyone else reading this, a solution might be to either reload the Berlin website consistently to try and get a last minute appointment in Berlin, or to register your address in Aachen as soon as you find a place and before the start date of your contract so that you can get an appointment at the Ausländerbehörde in Aachen instead, which is most definitely not as busy as the Berlin office. The numbers are called on the television. One thought on “ Seven Common Mistakes Made at the Ausländerbehörde in Berlin ” Beth Young. You will sit in front of an Ausländerbehörde employee and show your documents. These things change from day to day, I’m afraid. Thanks for this informative post. Each Ausländerbehörde offers different services, for different nationalities. 2 posts in this topic. I’m surprised this wasn’t done back when you got your blue card! These professionals will help you obtain the right residence permit and visa to live, work and freelance in Germany. From 7th September onwards Berlin Immigration Office will re-open for regular customer appointments. What kind of documents does that require? This is where my online marketing manager tells me I am supposed to include a sales pitch. Raul-28ra 2 2 Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin; Posted 30 Jun 2012. Informieren Sie sich aber bitte unbedingt vorher auf unserer Homepage, welcher der Standorte des Landesamts für Einwanderung für den von Ihnen gewünschten Aufenthaltstitel zuständig ist. It’s tricky at Keplerstr. If you could help advise or maybe share your experience on assisting third world country nationals getting their freelance visa, I’d really appreciate it . Blue card – Keplerstr, regular work permit – FKU. Hi Mary, Sorry! 2) As I have Blue card, I have also booked an appointment in September to change her residence permit to dependent type. This guide is not monetised. I appreciate any suggestions which would allow me to travel in August. You put the card in the machine, then you pay with your credit card or debit card. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thank you, 0. But I just want to make sure you’ve exhausted all your options for getting one. It depends where your address is registered. We appreciate any information. Surely there is something wrong with the website! Keep reloading the website to try to find appointments as they come up. It is mentioned as a requirement not as the documents which need to be sent. Termine können für Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch und Freitag am Vormittag sowie für den Donnerstagnachmittag vereinbart werden. But I do know about a year ago, there was a 10-month waiting period for family reunification permits, and a lot of really annoyed spouses who had to stay in Germany until they were granted residency. I can’t possibly recommend reloading and refreshing the website for an online appointment more. I deeply appreciate your help. I am currently in one of those situations that I landed myself in a new job here and my work-visa (Aufenthaltstitel) is still tied to my previous employer. I was wondering if you could help me. I know it’s a pain. Each Ausländerbehörde has multiple offices (A, B, C, D...). Hi Ted, congratulations on the Niederlassungserlaubis! Is it illegal to start a job without the permission before? There are often new appointments early in the morning, between 6AM and 8AM. But I suspect your situation is resolved by now, anyway. You should arrive before 3AM to get an appointment. Is it pretty straight forward? Your article is indeed insightful and many many thanks for this. at least once before my Visa expires. Urlaubs- und Schließzeiten 2020: 21.09. bis 02.10.2020 21.12.2020 bis 01.01.2021 Vertretung im Urlaub: Frau Dr. med. Keep reloading the website. New appointments become available at random times. Hi Kathaleen Please let me know.. Hi Varun, Do I need to arrive at 2am in order to have the best chance at getting one of the 100 tickets available? before you leave Germany. Lihat semua 88 foto yang diambil di LABO Ausländerbehörde oleh 3.034 pengunjung. But I don’t see any appointment available till March 20. Close. When the doors open, they let people come inside in groups of 301. I got a letter from them saying to come to the exact office within 14 days. As you recommended I constantly update the online booking system. Asking for this information from German Embassy in Indonesia is pointless, since freelancer are uncommon and deemed not self sustaining. Helene-Lange-Str. Thanks! If you just keep pressing refresh, it might be that your IP address gets blocked after a while, I am not sure. Everything you need to know about starting a new life in the German capital. My heart bleeds for the students and academics who tell me they needed to get to Charlottenburg at 2:30am on a Monday to get one of the limited waiting numbers for the day at 5:30am. The current shortage occupations: Scientists in natural science disciplines, mathematicians, architects, interior, urban and traffic planners, designers, engineers, scientific engineers, physicians (except dentists) and those with academic qualifications in information and communications technology. i have few questions..i have an appointment on 23rd october for me,my wife and son at the labo but unfortunatly i wont be around on october..can they be given a permit without me being around..and if not then what steps should be done as i checked for another apointment its until november..if i go without apointment is there any possibility or them assinting us?..i need advice guys..Thankd. Advice much appreciated:). I need it in a hurry, so I am thinking about going there with no appointment, but wanted to make sure that they take me.

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